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Chukwu & Associates, P.C. law firm can assist you if your case is in any immigration court anywhere in the United States.

Our law firm can represent you even if you are detained in immigration detention center or not after entering the United States without a visa

Our law firm can represent any individual who is placed in removal proceedings any where in the United States.

If you qualify, our law firm will stop the imminent deportation and represent your case in the immigration court and seek a bond from immigration judge.

If you qualify, our firm will seek an immigration bond immediately for you or your relative so you don’t have to wait in detention center fighting your immigration case. Most of the time, our firm seeks an employment authorization for our clients after they get out on bond from immigration detention center. Our clients obtain a gainful employment after receiving employment authorization while our firm continues to represent their case before immigration court. Because some immigration cases can be pending in immigration courts for a quite of some time.

Our firm represents lawful permanent residents and conditional residents in removal proceedings if they are placed in removal proceedings for any reasons. The most common reason a lawful permanent resident or a conditional resident is placed in the removal proceeding is due to conviction of one or more than one crime or having admitted to commit a crime in the United States or in any foreign country.  However, there are many other reasons that Government can place a lawful permanent resident or a condition resident in removal proceedings.

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